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MEDTOX adheres to all applicable federal, state and local regulations.  Following is a list of our numerous certifications and accreditations. To view an actual certificate, click “View PDF” to the right of the certification name.

MedToxCAP, Clinical Laboratory Accreditation Program # 3039201View PDF
MedToxCAP, Forensic Drug Testing Accreditation Program # 3039202View PDF
MedToxCMS CLIA ID# 24D0665278View PDF
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of HealthView PDF
Medicare Provider # 690000036
Minnesota Board of Pharmacy LicenseView PDF
New York State, Department of HealthView PDF
Ohio Department of Health, Blood LeadView PDF
Oklahoma State, Department of HealthView PDF
MedToxOSHA Blood Lead
MedToxSAMHSA, National Laboratory Certification Program (DHHS)
MedToxSAMHSA, NLCP Laboratory # 0094View PDF
MedToxState of California, Department of Health Services, Cholinesterase Testing for Occupational Health Surveillance
State of California, Department of Public Health, Clinical Laboratory LicenseView PDF
State of California, Department of Public Health, Methadone Drug Analysis Laboratory LicenseView PDF
State of Florida, Agency for Health Care Administration, Clinical LaboratoryView PDF
State of Florida, Agency for Health Care Administration, Forensic LaboratoryView PDF
State of Hawaii, Department of HealthView PDF
State of Maine, Department of Health and Human ServicesView PDF
State of Maryland, Department of Health and Mental HygieneView PDF
State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, Department of Health; Clinical; License Number: LCO00716View PDF
State of Vermont, Department of HealthView PDF
Texas Department of Public SafetyView PDF
U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration License

Clinical and Anatomic Pathology

MedToxCAP, Accuracy-Based Vitamin D
MedToxCAP, Antinuclear Antibody
MedToxCAP, ASO Titer
MedToxCAP, Automated Urinalysis (Iris)
MedToxCAP, Bacteriology
MedToxCAP, Blood Culture
MedToxCAP, Blood Oximetry
MedToxCAP, B-type Natriuretic Peptide
MedToxCAP, Campylobacter
MedToxCAP, Cardiac Markers
MedToxCAP, Celiac Serology
MedToxCAP, Chemistry/Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
MedToxCAP, Chlamydia/GC by NAA
MedToxCAP, Clinical Microscopy
MedToxCAP, Coagulation, Limited
MedToxCAP, Cystatin C
MedToxCAP, Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
MedToxCAP, Fecal Occult Blood
MedToxCAP, Fetal Fibronectin
MedToxCAP, Glucose-6-phosphate Dehydrogenase
MedToxCAP, Group B Strep Detection
MedToxCAP, Hematology, Comp, Autodiff, Photomicrographs
MedToxCAP, Hemoglobin A1C
MedToxCAP, High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein
MedToxCAP, Histology Quality Improvement Program
MedToxCAP, Homocysteine
MedToxCAP, Human Papillomavirus, Thinprep
MedToxCAP, Immunohistochemistry
MedToxCAP, Immunology, General
MedToxCAP, Immunology, Special
MedToxCAP, Infectious Disease Serology
MedToxCAP, Infectious Disease Serology Mumps
MedToxCAP, Infectious Mononucleosis
MedToxCAP, Insulin, Gastrin, C-Peptide, and PTH
MedToxCAP, Interlaboratory Comparison Non-Gynecologic Cytopathology
MedToxCAP, Ligand, General
MedToxCAP, Ligand, Special
MedToxCAP, Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Screen
MedToxCAP, Mycology
MedToxCAP, Nucleic Acid Amplification, Organisms
MedToxCAP, Nucleic Acid Amplification, Viruses
MedToxCAP, PAP (Thinprep) with Educational Series 2, Lab/Indiv
MedToxCAP, Parasitology
MedToxCAP, Performance Improvement Program in Surgical Pathology
MedToxCAP, Pseudocholinesterase
MedToxCAP, Reticulocyte
MedToxCAP, Rheumatoid Factor
MedToxCAP, Rubella
MedToxCAP, Sickle Cell Screening
MedToxCAP, Stool Pathogens
MedToxCAP, Syphilis Serology
MedToxCAP, Throat Culture
MedToxCAP, Tick Transmitted Diseases
MedToxCAP, Total Hemolytic Complement
MedToxCAP, Transfusion Medicine Automated Testing
MedToxCAP, Tumor Markers
MedToxCAP, Urine Chemistry, General
MedToxCAP, Vaginitis Screen, Affirm VP III
MedToxCAP, Viral Markers, Series 1 & Series 5
MedToxCAP, Virology Antigen Detection, Non-IF
MedToxCAP, Virtual Peripheral Blood Smear
New York Bacteriology
New York Clinical Chemistry
New York Endrocrinology
New York Hematology, Cytohematology
New York Immunohematology
New York Immunology, HIV
New York Mycology
New York Oncology Human Papillomavirus Testing
New York Parasitology
New York Tumor Marker
New York Urinalysis, HCG, Urine Chemistry
New York Virology Influenza, Rotavirus, RSV


MedToxCAP, Drug Monitoring for Pain Management
MedToxCAP, Forensic Urine Drug Testing, Confirmatory
MedToxCAP, Serum Alcohol, Ethylene Glycol, Volatiles
MedToxCAP, Synthetic Cannabinoid Designer Drugs
MedToxCAP, Urine Drug Testing, Screening
MedToxCAP, Vitreous Fluid, Postmortem
MedToxCAP, Whole Blood Alcohol, Ethylene Glycol, Volatiles
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Health, Urine Drug Analysis, Blood/Serum Alcohol, Blood/Serum Drug Analysis
Department of Transportation, Blood Alcohol
MedToxNational Laboratory Certification Program (DHHS, SAMHSA)
New York State, Department of Health, Analytical Toxicology
State of Florida, Agency for Health Care Administration, Drug Free Workplace Proficiency Testing Samples


MedToxAIHA Proficiency Analytical Testing Programs, Environmental Lead Proficiency Analytical Testing (ELPAT), Lead Dust Wipes
MedToxCAP, Cadmium
MedToxCAP, Trace Metals
MedToxCAP, Trace Metals, Urine
MedToxCAP/AACC, Blood Lead
Centre de Toxicologie du Quebec, Interlaboratory Comparison Program for Metals in Biological Matrices (PCI)
Centre de Toxicologie du Quebec, Metals Multielement External Quality Assessment Scheme (QMEQAS)
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Health, Blood Lead and Erythrocyte Protoporphyrin
New York State, Department of Health, Blood Lead & Trace Metals


MedToxCAP, Forensic Toxicology, Criminalistics
MedToxCAP, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Extended
MedToxCAP, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Special
MedToxCAP, Toxicology
MedToxCAP, Urine Toxicology
MedToxCAP/AACC, Immunosuppressive Drugs
New York Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
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