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Cup Device with Adulterant Options

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EZ-SCREEN® cups offer screening results within 5 minutes. The test is activated when the sample is collected in the cup.

AM Amphetamine  [300 ng/mL]
BA Barbiturates  [200 ng/mL]
BZ Benzodiazepines  [200 ng/mL]
BU Buprenorphine  [10 ng/mL]
CO Cocaine  [100 ng/mL]
mA Methamphetamine  [1000 ng/mL]
MT Methadone  [200 ng/mL]
OP Opiates  [100 ng/mL]
OX Oxycodone  [100 ng/mL]
PC Phencyclidine  [25 ng/mL]
TH Cannabinoids  [40 ng/mL]

SURE-SCREEN® cups offer screening results within 5 minutes. Cups are activated by the tester attaching the screening device to the top of the collection cup.

AMP Amphetamine  [300 ng/mL]
BAR Barbiturates  [200 ng/mL]
BZO Benzodiazepines  [200 ng/mL]
BUP Buprenorphine  [10 ng/mL]
COC Cocaine  [100 ng/mL]
MTD Methadone  [200 ng/mL]
MAMP Methamphetamine  [1000 ng/mL]
OPI Opiates  [100 ng/mL]
OXY Oxycodone  [100 ng/mL]
PCP Phencyclidine  [25 ng/mL]
PPX Propoxyphene  [300 ng/mL]
THC Cannabinoids  [40 ng/mL]
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