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Reference Laboratory Testing

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Our full service clinical reference laboratory offers a comprehensive test menu and responsive, personalized service.  We are fully certified by CLIA, CAP and state proficiency programs and provide all testing at our single location; eliminating extra shipping delays and additional handling errors.

Our customers receive competitive prices, fast, accurate results and have easy access to our customer service and technical staff to answer any testing questions.  Web-based secure, reliable electronic ordering is available for clients, as well as multiple result reporting options.

We specialize in customizing test panels and test programs to meet your specific testing needs.  View our online test catalog or contact our clinical sales representatives at 800-832-3244 for more information. 

•Allergens •Genetic disorders •Occupation/Environmental
•Autopsy •Hematology/Coagulation •Serology
•Biological Marker •Histology •Special Chemistry
•Blood Typing •Immunology •Surgical Pathology
•Chemistry •Infectious Disease •Toxin
•Coagulation •Metal/Element •Urinalysis
•Cytology •Meconium  
•Drug Screen •Microbiology  
•Endocrinology •Molecular Pathology  
Our clients include:
•Reference Laboratories •Occupational Health Clinics
•Hospitals •Wellness Companies
•Clinics •Coroner’s Offices
•Physicians Offices •Specialty Clinics


Featured Tests:
We have been working with hospitals for over two decades, providing fast, quality testing in areas of drug testing, meconium testing and autopsy testing.
Recent media coverage of lead hazards and toy recalls show the importance of lead poisoning prevention. As a lead poisoning prevention group, home inspector, pediatrician, or concerned parent your goal and ours is the same; identify lead hazards.
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