ToxASSURE® Program

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►Prescription Verification:
    Flags unexpected results against reported/prescribed
    medications to allow easy result interpretation

►ToxASSURE® Hotline:
    Direct Toll-free access to certifying scientists for one-on-one
    consultation on test results and with specific toxicology questions

►Statistical Reports:
    Summarizes and tracks rates of unexpected results based on reported
    or declared medications and/or illicit drugs. This allows your clinic to
    easily monitor, target and improve problematic findings and trends

►New Client Training:
    Allows for a seamless transition and incorporation
    of the ToxASSURE® program into your organization

    Customized onsite or webinar training program which can
    educate your clinical staff with one of the following courses:

        Managing Risk in Pain Management
        Identifying the Drug Seeking Patient
        Understanding the Roles of Regulatory and Enforcement Agencies

►Random Program:
    Donor management, selection and notification of patients to be tested

►Reporting Options:
    Receive your results via fax, online-reporting and/or interface connectivity

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